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Bed Bugs heat Treatment

The Heat Treat: Killing Bed Bugs with Heat

So you just found out that your house is infested with bed bugs and want to get rid of them ASAP? Have you already tried all homemade remedies and sprays/powders available in your local store and yet the critters seem to creep right back? Do you want to exterminate the parasites once and for all but do not want to expose your family to toxic chemicals?

Introducing the Just-Heat Special!


Bed Bugs Treatment in the Past:

The Use of Pesticides & Chemical Fumigation

Conventionally, bed bugs treatment has relied on the use of strong pesticides for killing bugs. However, the fumes emitted by the chemicals are harmful for humans as well, especially children.

The chemicals would also pose a threat to the environment by making their way through drainage systems to vegetation and other animals, creating mutations and other adverse effects. Also, it became apparent the bugs were developing an immunity for the drugs, forcing pest controllers to increase the dosage and concentration and hence the toxicity.

Fortunately, now we have alternate safer means of combating the blood sucking parasites.




Bed Bugs Treatment Today:

Pest Control Companies in Canada Now Use a Mixture of Chemical & Non-Chemical Techniques for Bed Bug Removal

The new breed of chemicals is comparatively safer. But although chemicals are effective deterrents, heat treatment is proving to be a better alternative.

Unlike chemical treatment where previous preparation is required, heat treatment saves the time and effort. The process is also faster and the household is ready for dwelling in a matter of a couple of hours once the process is complete.

Looking for bed bugs treatment in Toronto? We provide heat treatments to get rid of bed bugs for good.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Eradication

Eliminate the Entire Population in a Single Treatment

A Proven Non-Chemical, Odour-Free Remediation Available in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

The Heat Treat destroys the entire population of insects by simply creating an atmosphere where it’s hard for the bugs to survive. Raising the room temperature to about 50 degrees celsius (120 degrees fahrenheit) and maintaining it for 60 minutes is a sure shot technique of wiping out a bed bug infestation – including adults, larvae and even eggs. If the change in temperature is sudden, it does not give the insects any time to migrate to cooler areas of the house.

This effective method of bed bugs extermination works by heating air through thermal heaters and circulating the air in the entire house. The thermal heaters burn propane gas as fuel, creating carbon dioxide and water vapour. The bed bugs are instinctively attracted to carbon dioxide, mistaking it for the presence of a host luring them into a death trap. The sudden expansion of air due to the burning of gas also forces its way into cracks and crevices in walls and floor, the breeding places of bed bugs.

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