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About Mike Cardaci, Owner of Just Bugs: Professional Pest Control in Toronto.

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Toronto Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The Heat Treat: A Proven, Effective Bed Bug Extermination Method.

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Toronto Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

How to Kill Bed Bugs Using Chemicals & Pesticides.

List of Steps to Take upon Discovery of a Bed Bug Infestation.

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About Just Bugs: Professional Pest Control in Toronto

Just Bugs is a privately owned company operated by Mike Cardaci, the owner himself. Mike has an experience of over 5 years in the pest control industry and has seen the changes in the industry. He has extensive knowledge and expertise of both conventional and modern techniques of pest control especially bed bug infestations. Once considered completely eliminated, bed bugs have increased again due to reduced pesticide use and frequent travel habits. The ban on pesticides made Mike come up with more environment friendly modes of addressing the issue and better pest management approach.

Combined with latest equipment and competent professionals, this approach has made Just Bugs a top choice in pest control in and around Greater Toronto Area.

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Call (647) 669-BUGS (2847) for 24/7 emergency bed bugs removal and pest control services in the Greater Toronto Area & Southern Ontario.

We understand the challenges that come up when dealing with a bed bug problem in residential and commercial properties, and so have devised different service plans accordingly with the promise of same professionalism, courtesy, and discreetness in all our service work.

Why Should You Choose Just Bugs?

  • We always conduct a thorough scientific inspection of the premises, and after consultation with the client we will suggest whether a chemical or non-chemical approach would be more suitable.
  • We use only products that have been approved by Health Canada. Before introducing any pesticide into Canada, it first needs to undergo extensive testing by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) to evaluate its impact and potential risk to human health and the environment. PMRA carefully reviews all submitted data and cross-checks between studies as an additional measure of validation of its final decisions. The Agency may also compare its results with regulatory counterparts in other countries, such as the U.S. and members of the European Union, to ensure that conclusions are consistent.
  • As a customer, you will be provided with Safety Data Sheets so you’ll know exactly what is going into your home or business.
  • Our skilled technicians also employ a multitude of eco friendly non toxic techniques like vacuuming, exclusion, heat, steam and more to minimize exposure to chemicals while eliminating the pests that invade our space.
  • We are pioneers in bed bug heat treatment, in which we use thermal heaters and air circulators to raise the temperature of the unit to above 50 degree celsius. The bed bugs are not able to withstand such high temperatures and the entire population including adults, larvae and eggs are destroyed completely in a matter of minutes.
About Bed Bug Mike